Sunday Worship:10 am. Sunday School: 10 am.


1.       March 2: The congregation met and approved moving ahead with building on the Hazelwood location. There were 67 votes at the meeting, 66 for and 1 against. Session continues to solicit other responses from those not able to attend.

2.       The congregation also voted (65-2) to partner with Abbotsford Korean Presbyterian Church (AKPC).

3.       March 4: Pastor Blair met with Pastor Kim of AKPC to convey our interest in a partnership between our two congregations. Pastor Kim appreciates our willingness to enter into negotiations. Pastor Blair also announced to Presbytery that we are moving forward. They are fully supportive.

4.       March 6: Ken Baker, Rod Thomson and Keith Donald (our architect) met with Titan Construction (our project manager) to start the move into the construction phase of the project. As well, we received confirmation that upon payment of our fees, the City of Abbotsford will issue us a building permit. We can begin construction immediately.

 In the coming week(s):

 1.       Calvin's Negotiating Team will meet with leadership from AKPC to continue negotiations.

2.       Session will meet to determine an official ground breaking ceremony time.

The Abbotsford Food Bank
Is in desperate need of the following items: Chunky soup, Canned ham & Chicken, Boost & Ensure, canned vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, diapers (size 4-6), powdered milk, pasta & sauce, canned meat, fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy.
The First Sunday of each month we come to the Lords Table and Celebrate Communion. This is a special time to think of those in need and bring an extra gift to place in the basket as you enter the church.

Thank you for your generosity!



Family, divorce and same sex marriage.





Calvin Church is part of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, a church family of about 750 congregations, with a history spanning almost four centuries of Canada’s story, with roots in the European and Scottish Reformation. Today, the PCC ministers to people of many European, African, Asian, Central and South American origin, as well as to First Nations’ peoples. Calvin Church was, in fact, first established in 1946 as a Hungarian-speaking congregation; it became English-speaking in the 1970’s. Most congregations of the PCC, including Calvin Church, have representatives of Canada’s wide multi-cultural mosaic within their membership.

The affairs of the congregation are guided by the Pastor and Elders (who are elected by the congregation). They set the vision and have oversight of the membership, discipline, worship, Christian education, stewardship and mission of the congregation. They encourage the work of various ministry teams, such as worship, congregational life, pastoral care and mission & outreach, and committees, such as the Facilities and Finance committee, and the New Building committee, all of which carry out the work and witness of the congregation.

You may become a member of the congregation, either by transfer of certificate from another Christian denomination or by making a profession or reaffirmation of faith. A series of inquiry and orientation classes are held annually.

We publish a congregational directory for members and adherents (friends and supporters) of the congregation